Fathers and Sons Have Taken Their Best Shots at John

After pitching the New York Yankees to a victory over the Oakland Athletics Sunday despite two home runs by Mark McGwire, Tommy John said he was impressed by A's outfielder Stan Javier.

"But then again," John said, "I also was impressed by his dad, Julian."

John then proceeded to tick off some of the other father-son combinations he has played with or against in his 23-year career--the Tartabulls, the Franconas, the Virgils.

John never played against the father of McGwire, but he still got drilled by him.

"When I was with the Angels," John said, "he was my dentist."

Said New York Met Manager Davey Johnson when asked if the ball is juiced up: "Rafael Santana has two homers already this year. Case closed."

Wait a Minute: Says IBF heavyweight champion Tony Tucker, who is scheduled to meet Mike Tyson Aug. 1: "He's just a slugger. I don't think he's going to be around too long with his style. A guy with a jab can do some things with him."

Weren't they telling us that Pinklon Thomas has the best left jab in the division?

Add Tyson: Trainer Angelo Dundee, 0-2 against Tyson with Thomas and Trevor Berbick, told the New York Times: "I don't see a guy on the horizon who's going to give him trouble."

How about Michael Spinks or Gerry Cooney?

"Of the two, Cooney would have the better chance, because Tyson would come right to him," Dundee said. "Cooney can punch and he's so tall. Tyson loses his effectiveness with tall guys. Spinks is a good fighter, but he couldn't hold Tyson off. Tyson would go right through him. When you move away from Tyson, he picks up the velocity of his punches. Inside, he's not that effective."

Add Dundee: Asked by Wallace Matthews of Newsday what it takes to beat Tyson, Dundee said: "What you need is a little Muhammad Ali, a little movement. I'm going to find myself a big Willie Pastrano. I'm going to get this sucker sooner or later."

Said Matthews: "Bet on later."

Trivia Time: In the history of National Basketball Assn. championship series, what game was known as the Memorial Day Massacre? (Answer below.)

While he hopes the Boston Celtics will beat the odds tonight, Kevin McHale says: "Unfortunately, everything I've wanted doesn't always come true. Olivia Newton-John and Victoria Principal come to mind."

Said Chi Chi Rodriguez after playing in a Senior pro-am: "You have to like those guys who come out to the course looking like Doug Sanders. It's too bad they all play like the Colonel."

Trivia Answer: On Monday, May 27, 1985, the Boston Celtics beat the Lakers, 148-114. The Lakers won the next four of five games to win the series. Quotebook

Celtic center Robert Parish, asked what he would do if he were traded to the Utah Jazz: "I'd have two wives. You can get away with it out there."

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