Torrance : Further Study at Airport

Torrance Municipal Airport noise, which has been studied for more than a decade, should receive more scrutiny, the City Council decided this week.

The council voted unanimously to hire the consulting firms of Rawlings Enterprises Inc. of Laguna Hills and Engineering-Science Inc. of Pasadena to study the noise made by some types of aircraft and to see if the noise standard should be toughened.

In November, the city released a preliminary list of 41 aircraft it said could not meet the city's noise standard and barred them from using the airport.

The two firms were asked to review noise levels produced by these aircraft and others that might not comply.

"The result of this study will be a more comprehensive list of aircraft that cannot meet the Torrance Municipal Airport noise standards," Airport Manager John S. Cagaanan said in a report to the council.

Cagaanan said the city hired two firms to make results "more creditable and defendable in court. . . . Doing this now may cost a little more now but in the long run could save the city a considerable amount of money."

The studies will cost about $52,000.

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