Despite the Promises, Dodgers Are Mediocre

As a Yankee fan, I take a lot of heat for George Steinbrenner's occasional irrational acts, but I also know that each season he is going to do whatever is within his power to put a competitive team on the field in the best division in baseball. Gary Ward, signed as a free agent, and Charles Hudson, acquired in a trade, have helped the Yankees compile the best record in baseball, as of this writing.

Now let's turn to the Dodgers. Last year, while the club faltered, the Dodger propaganda machine churned out 5 million excuses, while 3 million lemmings made their pilgrimage to Dodger Stadium. This spring, we were entertained by the reports that Tim Raines wasn't needed and that Mike Ramsey fit in perfectly with the Dodgers' chemistry (hard to argue that, now that he is back in Albuquerque).

Finally, the Dodgers do act. They trade the guy with the best ERA in their awesome bullpen to Baltimore for two players who are in triple-A. (Remember, Baltimore finished last in the AL East in 1986).

But, what the heck. Pay your 10 bucks, put in your appearance at the stadium and leave in the seventh inning--business as usual. As long as O'Malley can keep counting his bucks, we'll keep hearing empty promises and excuses while the club sinks slowly in the West.



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