Last week Robert Hilburn argued that the "Sgt. Pepper" LP--despite remaining a "landmark work"--is not the Beatles' best album because it is weighted down by seven songs that "represent the longest stretch of mediocre material" the group ever recorded. Calendar letter writers were not pleased--by a 9-1 ratio.

Kudos to Hilburn for his brilliant, daring reappraisal. He is right, I hadn't listened to the album in months.

I took my "worn, scratched, tattered" copy out of its glass-covered display case and threw it on the Victrola. Boy, was I disappointed. How could I have liked this trifle?

Please, great oracle, tell us the 10 most undeserving, critically acclaimed albums of all time. Then we'll all be able to remove the chaff from our record collections.



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