Elvis may have died with drugs in his bloodstream, but he's being resurrected on the other side of the law in "Elvis Undercover," a one-shot comic book (for $2) due this summer from a Hollywood-based comics company, Mad Dog Graphics.

The satirical comic--which the publisher calls "sacrilegious . . . Mondo Elvis"--takes off on an actual event in December, 1970, when President Nixon made Elvis an honorary narcotics agent. "Elvis Undercover" has the King--a cop freak in real life--busting big-time dealers, chasing high-speed limos. . . .

Publisher Jan Strnad foresees no legal problems from the Presley estate: "I haven't communicated with them. I'm operating under my First Amendment rights to do a satirical piece. It will definitely be labeled as fiction."

It's for release in August, says Strnad, on "the 10th anniversary of Elvis' ascension, as we call it."

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