Compilation and analysis for the 1987 roster were provided by Maureen Perry and Cynthia Sosin of the Los Angeles Times marketing research department.

KEY TO ROSTER--The corporate name of each company is followed by its founding or incorporation date in parentheses. Sales figures have been confined as closely as possible to operating revenues. They include equity in earnings of joint venture corporations as reported, but exclude nonoperating revenue such as dividends and gains from the sale of real estate. Income figures are given before extraordinary items. Related income-per-share figures are fully diluted when available and are based on average shares outstanding during the year, or the number of shares outstanding at year-end, depending on the company's accounting method. Sales and income figures are given for the year-end 1986 or fiscal year ended on or before February 28, 1987 followed in parentheses by sales and income figures, respectively, for the prior reporting period. Where preliminary figures have been made available, they have been so noted. Dividend figures (when paid) are reported for common stock shares. Asset figures are given as of the final day of the year covered by sales and income figures. The term "1986 Rank" indicates the rank of the company in the 1986 Los Angeles Times Roster. The 1986 Roster was published June 8, 1986 and used figures for years ended most recently prior to March 31, 1986. The abbreviation NYSE, ASE, PSE and OTC indicate listing/trading on the New York, American and Pacific stock exchanges or trading on the over-the-counter market. The various categories of companies have been ranked on the following basis: industrial firms by sales/revenues; merchandising firms by sales; transportation firms and utilities by revenues; and financial institutions and insurance firms by assets.

This year's roster lists 50 industrial firms in addition to the top 100 industrials. These firms occupy positions of increasing importance in California's economy, meriting recognition in the Roster.

It is interesting to note that nine of the 50 additional industrials listed last year are included in this year's top 100 industrials. Given is the company name, founding or incorporation date, major business activity, the sales or revenue figure with the corresponding accounting year and headquarters.

The first firm in the group is Micropolis Corp. with sales of $213.1 million fiscal year ended December 26, 1986, and the last is Consolidated Fibres Inc. with sales of $112.4 million fiscal year ended June 30, 1986.

101 Micropolis Corp. (1976) Designs and manufactures high performance disk drives and markets these drives to original equipment manufacturers (OEM's). Principal products are 5 inch Winchester drives with high capacity, fast access and low lifetime cost. Sales: $213.1 million ended 12-26-86. Headquarters: 21123 Nordhoff St., Chatsworth 91311. OTC

102 Ashton-Tate Corp. (1980) Develops, acquires, markets and supports microcomputer software to meet the information management, productivity and software development needs of businesses and professionals. Revenues: $210.8 million ended 1-31-87. Headquarters: 20101 Hamilton Ave., Torrance 90502. OTC

103 Spectra-Physics Inc. (1961) Manufactures and sells lasers, laser-based systems and analytical instruments for a variety of scientific, industrial, commercial and government contract applications. Sales: $210.1 million ended 9-30-86. Headquarters: 3333 N. First St., San Jose 95134. NYSE, PSE

104 Avantek Inc. (1965) Manufactures and markets microwave components and systems for use in defense electronics and commercial telecommunications applications. Sales: $208.2 million ended 1-3-87. Headquarters: 4401 Great America Pkwy., Santa Clara 95054. OTC

105 Farmer Bros. Co. (1923) Roasts green coffee, processes spices and wholesales coffee and supplies to restaurants and institutions. Sales: $207.6 million ended 6-30-86. Headquarters: 20333 S. Normandie Ave., Torrance 90502. OTC

106 Jacobs Engineering Group (1974) Provides architectural, engineering, procurement and construction services to industry and public agencies. Revenues: $207.6 million ended 9-30-86. Headquarters: 251 S. Lake Ave., Pasadena 91101. ASE

107 PacifiCare Health Systems (1975) Provides health benefits services consisting of health maintenance organizations (HMOs) in California, Oregon, Oklahoma and Texas; as well as a managed insured product, Medicare benefits, utilization review, a third party claims administrator and preferred provider organization (PPO). Revenues: $204.9 million year-end 1986. Headquarters: 5995 Plaza Dr., Cypress 90630. OTC

108 Monolithic Memories Inc. (1969) Leading producer of high-performance, large-scale-integration (LSI) logic and memory circuits. Has marketing and applications engineering offices worldwide. Sales: $204.9 million ended 12-21-86. Headquarters: 2175 Mission College Blvd., Santa Clara 95054. OTC

109 Logicon Inc. (1961) Provides electronic systems and high-technology services to government and industry. Revenues: $200.5 million ended 3-31-86. Headquarters: 3701 Skypark Dr., Torrance 90505. 1986 rank: 108. NYSE 110 Comprehensive Care Corp. (1969) Primarily engaged in the development, marketing and management of programs for the treatment of chemical dependency, including alcohol and drugs, and psychiatric disorders. Revenues: $195.9 million ended 2-28-87. Headquarters: 18551 Von Karman Ave., Irvine 92715. OTC

111 Everest & Jennings International (1932) Designs, manufactures and distributes wheelchairs and other durable medical equipment to worldwide markets primarily in North America and Western Europe. Produces precision metal castings and small specialized electric motors. Revenues: $195.3 million ended 12-28-86. Headquarters: 2310 S. Sepulveda Blvd., Los Angeles 90064. ASE

112 Measurex Corp. (1968) Provides computer integrated manufacturing (CIM) systems worldwide. Revenues: $192.7 million ended 11-30-86. Headquarters: One Results Way, Cupertino 95014. NYSE, PSE

113 MICOM Systems Inc. (1973) Leading producer of microcomputer-based data communications products which enable its customers, primarily minicomputer users, to more economically and efficiently communicate data among computer terminals and computers. Sales: $191.6 million year-end 1986. Headquarters: 4100 Los Angeles Ave., Simi Valley 93062. OTC 114 New World Pictures Ltd. (1985) An integrated developer, producer and distributor of theatrical motion pictures; marketer and distributor of home video products; developer, producer and distributor of television programming; and a publisher and distributor of comic books and children's books. Revenues: $188.9 million year-end 1986. Headquarters: 1440 S. Sepulveda Blvd., Los Angeles 90067. ASE

115 Westworld Community Healthcare Inc. (1982) Leading investor-owned provider of primary health care services to rural communities and chemical dependency and chronic pain treatment to urban patients in the United States. Revenues: $187.0 million year-end 1986. Headquarters: 23832 Rockfield Rd., Lake Forest 92630. OTC

116 The All American Gourmet Company (1985) Manufactures and markets three lines of frozen food products under its registered trademark The Budget Gourmet. Has production facilities in Georgia, Pennsylvania and Utah. Sales: $181.6 million ended 1-25-87. Headquarters: One City Blvd. West, Orange 92668. OTC

117 Cipher Data Products Inc. (1968) Designs, manufactures and sells a broad line of tape drives and related computer memory peripheral products. Markets these secondary mass storage devices primarily to original equipment manufacturers (OEM's) which incorporates them into mainframe, mini- computer, microcomputer and personal computer systems. Supplier of 1/2-inch streaming tape drives and -inch tape streaming cartridge drives. Revenues: $180.8 million year-end 1986. Headquarters: 9715 Businesspark Ave., San Diego 92131. OTC

118 AST Research Inc. (1980) Manufactures and sells products that provide high-performance desktop computing solutions. Product lines range from IBM-compatible personal computers and Premium Publishers desktop publishing systems to advanced technology board-level enhancements that expand and customize the capabilities of existing desktop computers. Sales: $172.3 million ended 6-30-86. Headquarters: 2121 Alton Ave., Irvine 92714. OTC

119 Virco Mfg. Corp. (1950) Manufacturer of furniture for contract and educational markets worldwide. Subsidiaries manufacture juvenile furniture and plastic products. Sales: $172.3 million ended 1-31-87. Headquarters: 1531 S. Vermont Ave., Los Angeles 90247. ASE

120 International Aluminum Corp. (1963) Manufacturer of residential windows and doors; commercial storefronts and curtainwalls; mill finish and anodized aluminum extrusions; glass furniture and display systems; custom vinyl extrusions; interior aluminum door frames and wall systems. Sales: $170.9 million year-end 1986. Headquarters: 767 Monterey Pass Rd., Monterey Park 91754. NYSE, PSE

121 The Newhall Land and Farming Co. (1883) A publicly-traded limited partnership. One of California's largest land resource companies with operations in real estate and agriculture. Its landholdings consist of approximately 123,000 acres on eight ranches throughout California. Revenues: $169.2 million year-end 1986. Headquarters: 23823 W. Valencia Blvd., Valencia 91355. NYSE, PSE


122 Erly Industries Inc. (1964) Major supplier of bulk wine and one of the largest rice millers in the United States. Also manufactures and distributes specialty chemicals and fire retardants; and operates a direct marketing sales organization representing the beverage industry. Sales: $168.0 million ended 3-31-86. Headquarters: 10960 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles 90024. OTC

123 Wyse Technology (1981) Designs, develops, manufactures and markets a family of industry-standard microprocessor-based display products ranging from monochrome monitors and alphanumeric terminals to personal computers and application workstations. Sales: $166.4 million ended 3-31-86. Headquarters: 3571 N. First St., San Jose 95134. OTC

124 Pauley Petroleum Inc. (1958) Engaged in acquisition, exploration, development and production of crude oil and natural gas, petroleum refining and asphalt plant operations. Owns real estate development in Los Angeles County. Revenues: $165.0 million ended 8-31-86. Headquarters: 10000 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles 90067. ASE

125 Ultrasystems Inc. (1969) A high-technology engineering and development company engaged in the development, engineering, construction, ownership and operation of electrical power generation facilities. A leader in the alternative energy, cogeneration and advanced power generation industries. Also actively involved with numerous defense and space systems projects, with particular emphasis on command, control, communications and intelligence programs and space systems. Revenues: $155.1 million ended 1-31-87. Headquarters: 16845 Von Karman Ave., Irvine 92714. ASE

126 Bercor Inc. (1979) Wholesale distributor of toys, appliances, home computers, personal care products, consumer electronic equipment, stationery, car sound and other consumer products. Sales: $153.8 million ended 12-26-86. Headquarters: 14450 Industry Circle, La Mirada 90638. OTC

127 Oak Industries Inc. (1932) Manufactures a broad line of electrical, electronic and gas components used in consumer, industrial and military products; and equipment for use in community antenna television (CATV) systems and satellite television systems. Sales: $151.7 million year-end 1986. Headquarters: 16935 W. Bernardo Dr., San Diego 92127. NYSE, PSE

128 The Cannon Group Inc. (1969) Produces and distributes motion pictures worldwide. Owns and operates cinema theaters in England, Holland and Italy. Revenues: $150.8 million ended 12-28-85. Headquarters: 640 San Vicente, Los Angeles 90048. OTC Note: rank is based on last year's figures.

129 Applied Materials Inc. (1967) Develops, manufactures, sells and services processing equipment used by producers of semiconductor devices and wafer material suppliers in wafer fabrication portion of their manufacturing process. Develops and manufactures chemical vapor deposition systems, dry plasma etching systems and ion implant systems. Sales: $149.3 million ended 10-26-86. Headquarters: 3050 Bowers Ave., Santa Clara 95054. OTC

130 Superior Industries International Inc. (1969) A leading manufacturer of road wheels. Also serves the automotive aftermarket with a broad range of accessory products. Sales: $148.6 million year-end 1986. Headquarters: 7800 Woodley Ave., Van Nuys 94106. ASE

131 International Rectifier Corp. (1947) Multinational manufacturer of high-technology power MOS-FETS, power integrated circuits and other power semiconductor products for commercial, industrial and military markets. Sales: $145.2 million ended 6-30-86. Headquarters: 233 Kansas St., El Segundo 90245. NYSE

132 INMAC Corp. (1976) A direct response marketer of computer supplies and accessories. Its primary selling tool is a full-color catalog containing over 2,400 products, 90% of which carry the INMAC brand. Also manufactures approximately 25% of its own products. Sales: $143.1 million ended 1-24-87. Headquarters: 2465 Augustine, Santa Clara 95054. OTC

133 Altos Computer Systems (1977) Designs, manufactures and markets multi-user microcomputer systems for distribution in more than 57 countries. Current installed base exceeds 65,000, worldwide. Sales: $139.5 million year-end 1986. Headquarters: 2641 Orchard Pkwy., San Jose 95134. OTC

134 MCO Holdings Inc. (1955) Through various subsidiaries, engaged in real estate development and oil, gas and geothermal exploration and production. Revenues: $139.3 million year-end 1986. Headquarters: 10880 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles 90024. ASE, PSE

135 Coherent Inc. (1966) A world leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of laser systems used in industrial, medical and scientific applications. Sales: $138.2 million ended 9-27-86. Headquarters: 3210 Porter Dr., Palo Alto 94303. OTC

136 Applied Magnetics Corp. (1957) Designer and manufacturer of magnetic heads for the computer industry. Sales: $137.0 million year-end 1986. Headquarters: 75 Robin Hill Rd., Goleta 93117. NYSE

137 Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream Inc. (1928) The leading manufacturer and distributor of premium ice cream in the West. The company's products are also available in nine midwestern and three eastern states. Sales: $134.0 million ended 12-27-86. Headquarters: 5929 College Ave., Oakland 94618. OTC

138 Genentech Inc. (1976) Develops, manufactures and markets pharmaceutical products utilizing recombinant DNA technology. Revenues: $134.0 million year-end 1986. Headquarters: 460 Point San Bruno Blvd., South San Francisco 94080. OTC

139 Anthem Electronics Inc. (1967) Industrial distributor of semiconductors and computer subsystems to original equipment manufacturers throughout the United States. Revenues: $132.7 million year-end 1986. Headquarters: 1040 E. Brokaw Rd., San Jose 95131. NYSE

140 Zero Corp. (1952) Designs and manufactures enclosures, cabinets, cases, cooling equipment and accessories for the electronics industry. Also manufactures the Halliburton aluminum luggage line. Sales: $132.1 million year-end 1986. Headquarters: 444 S. Flower St., Los Angeles 90071. NYSE

141 Printronix Inc. (1974) Designs, manufactures and markets a comprehensive line of printers for use with microcomputers, minicomputers and main-frame computer systems. These products are designed primarily to meet business applications that require hard copy, multi-part forms produced by impact printing and cut sheet output produced by non-impact laser printing. Sales: $127.6 million year-end 1986. Headquarters: 17500 Cartwright, Irvine 92713. OTC 142 Bio-Rad Laboratories (1975) A recognized leader in the fields of separations and identification chemistry, clinical diagnostics and analytical instrumentation. Revenues: $126.6 million year-end 1986. Headquarters: 1000 Alfred Nobel Dr., Hercules 94547. ASE

143 Tab Products Co. (1954) Manufactures and markets office systems and computer-related products which are sold worldwide. Revenues: $124.5 million ended 2-28-87. Headquarters: 1400 Page Mill Rd., Palo Alto 94304. ASE

144 Priam Corp. (1978) Manufacturer of high- capacity, high-performance Winchester disk drives and storage systems. Revenues: $123.0 million year-end 1986. Headquarters: 20 W. Montague Expressway, San Jose 95134. OTC

145 URS Corp. (1951) An international professional services corporation. Provides a broad range of technological services to the large growing waste management/pollution control and infrastructure markets. Serves its clients through a network of over 50 offices that extend to all major U.S. business centers and the principal countries of the Pacific Basin. Revenues: $122.6 million year-end 1986. Headquarters: 2000 Alameda de las Pulgas, San Mateo 94403. NYSE

146 The Titan Corp. (1969) Provides complete solutions to the high technology needs of the U.S. Government, U.S. industry and international customers. Revenues: $121.4 million year-end 1986. Headquarters: 9191 Towne Centre Dr., San Diego 92122. NYSE, PSE

147 Quantum Corp. (1980) Manufacturer of small, high-capacity rigid Winchester disk drives for small computer systems. Sales: $121.2 million ended 3-31-86. Headquarters: 1804 McCarthy Blvd., Milpitas 95035. OTC

148 Sunrise Medical Inc. (1983) Designs, manufactures and markets a broad line of medical products used in the prevention, recovery and rehabilitation phases of patient care. Sales: $118.0 million year-end 1986. Headquarters: 970 W. 190th St., Torrance 90502. OTC

149 TransTechnology Corp. (1962) Manufacturer of aerospace-defense and industrial products. Revenues: $113.0 million ended 3-31-86. Headquarters: 15303 Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks 91403. ASE 150 Consolidated Fibres Inc. (1972) Through 11 plants and 3 sales offices in the United States and Canada, collects, sorts, grades and bales secondary fiber for shipment to paper mills for recycling both domestically and internationally. In July 1985, purchased Plastofilm Industries, manufacturers of thermoform plastic packaging. Sales: $112.4 million ended 6-30-86. Headquarters: 5327 Jacuzzi St., Richmond 94804. OTC

To be included in The Times roster, companies must have their principal headquarters in California and, with the exception of certain financial institutions, their stock must be publicly held. Limited partnerships with publicly traded stock are included. The requirements eliminate many companies in the state generating billions of dollars in sales and profits, because their head offices are located outside California or because they are privately owned.

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