"Crock of Ages" should have been the title of the article on "Spirituality in Pop Music" ("Rock of Ages," by Robert Hilburn and Chris Willman, June 7). It seems that lately every Tom, Dick and Harry has jumped on the Haloed Band Wagon.

I'm so tired of reading "music" articles on "religion." Why do people have to categorize bands? A band's music and lyrics should speak for themselves. Are the fans of these bands so lost that they can't find their "own" light? Let the lyrics stand as they are. We shouldn't need any more elaborations of spiritual lyrics, especially where U2 is concerned.

I'm not only tired, but sick of reading Bono's opinions on how America's turning religion into an industry. Bono, stop calling the kettle black. You are in music and music is an industry, so just do what you do best--sing U2's songs.



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