Although I'm not a parent, your very helpful Parental Film Guide (Page 41) is one of the only places I can find out what I'm in for when I hit the movies.

I'd like to suggest a new category that would increase the accuracy of the guide.

In the guide, "Blue Velvet" is listed as a film with "sexual situations." This bland appellation in no way describes the brutal sexual scenes in the film.

The distinction between loving sexual situations and those in which partners beat, curse, torture and/or kill each other is an extremely important one. I'd also like to steer clear of movies that contain the latter and at present have no way of knowing. So how about introducing a phrase such as "brutal sex" or "abusive sex" into your listings?

At the least, there may be other adult moviegoers who'll find it valuable; at the most, you'd be supporting a rational rating system that allows for self-censorship rather than government big-brothering.


Los Angeles

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