Fawn Hall's Testimony

Watching and listening to the testimony of Fawn Hall before the congressional hearing on the Iran- contra affair, I was struck by the extreme hostility she displayed toward the committee members questioning her. Her beautiful face was hard, her manner arrogant and her voice contemptuous, in spite of the curt "sir" she tacked on to her replies now and again.

I had the impression she was finding it hard to believe that these congressmen, just because the law was on their side, had the temerity to question the illegal activities of so great a patriot as Marine Lt. Col. Oliver North. That this joint committee represented the law and the American people meant nothing to her.

I suppose one can't blame her over much since this "the law and the public be damned" attitude is clearly representative of almost every top official in the Reagan Administration. It's the sort of misplaced trickle-down loyalty that resulted in the downfall of two recent presidents--soon to be three, methinks.


Santa Monica

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