Automobile Insurance Rates Called Exorbitant

At this moment I am totally disgusted. I have just received my latest billing for my auto insurance premium, containing the fourth rate raise in as many billings. I have endured the last three with some grumbling, but this latest hike has really gotten to me.

My regular premium for six months has jumped from $839 to $1,065.50 for my 1985 Fiero GT. Mind you, in the same period, my traveling distance to and from work has declined from 31-100 miles to "pleasure only" status, my car model has been rated as having "better claims damage experience," and of course the car has depreciated. I also have a "family discount" and a special rating of "safe driver." What gives?

I know there are others in the same boat. The question is, how can we take some action against the insurance companies and their greedy lobbyist conspirators?

These exorbitant rates must be regulated.



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