You ain't seen the last of Capone.

Along with his latest reincarnation (by Robert De Niro) in "The Untouchables," Scarface Al shows up in "Verne Miller," due in the fall from Alive Films. (Verne Miller, to be played by Scott Glenn, was one of Capone's henchmen. Thomas G. Waites will play Capone.)

And he'll also be the subject of an HBO movie--working title is "Capone"--directed/exec produced by John Milius.

But why more Capones?

(In addition to De Niro's, screen portrayals include Paul Muni in the original "Scarface," Edward G. Robinson in "Little Caesar," Rod Steiger in "Al Capone," Neville Brand in "The Scarface Mob," Jason Robards in "The St. Valentine's Day Massacre" and Ben Gazarra in "Capone.")

Explained Milius, who said he's yet to think of casting for "Capone": "My plan is to do this movie through his eyes. He'll be the center of this study--not in the background. And in the newest movie ("Untouchables") he doesn't have a lot of screen time."

Added Milius: "In a lot of ways, he represents the other side of the American Dream. I think it's interesting that he was unapologetic about what he did. He figured he had a lot in common with Rockefeller. He saw himself as a businessman."

But first things first: Milius is now in Borneo, scouting locations for "Farewell to the King," which he calls his "most ambitious work--something I've wanted to do for 15 years." Filming begins in August.

Nick Nolte will star in the saga of the shipwrecked British Sgt. Learoyd, who becomes a "king" of a headhunters tribe--only to later be implored by a captain (Nigel Havers) to leave his haven and take his place alongside British troops in World War II. It's all based on the novel by Pierre Schoendoerffer, a rage in Europe some years back.

Said Milius: "It's a story that explores loyalties, concepts of freedom and justice. And it contrasts a seemingly violent but also very innocent society with the most corrupt society of them all, the outside world."

Budgeted by Orion Pics at about $16 million, the film will also be macho . Said Milius: "Nick'll carry a Thompson submachine gun, which more or less acts as his scepter. And he'll probably wear a sarong or a loincloth. He should look terrific."

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