The Gardners and Tom Hayden

The Times on June 9 ran an article on Assemblyman Gil Ferguson and his dispute with John and Margaret Gardner. The Times made a big issue of the Gardners' claims of support for efforts to oust Tom Hayden from the California Assembly, in particular, the California War Veterans for Justice (CWVJ).

Over the years, I have noticed that any time a story is run concerning Hayden there are plenty of quotes of what Hayden said. Why aren't other people called when there is a dispute in which their names arise?

After taking the time to check the computer records of CWVJ donors and not finding any record of the Gardners' donation to CWVJ, I called Mrs. Gardner, who stated to me that she had made a "mistake." I truly believe that The Times had the time to correct the "mistake" but then again, perhaps The Times wants its readers to accept the story as written.

It seems to me that "mistakes" by Ferguson are what the Times is lambasting him for, even though he has admitted his mistakes and has corrected them. Maybe the Gardners aren't working on Hayden's behalf but, after my experiences over the years, I can't say the same for The Times.


Santa Ana

Conroy is executive director of the California War Veterans for Justice.

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