Fiji Hotel Appraisal

With respect to the article June 7 by Rob and Steve Kay, "A Capital Time in Old Fiji," I would like to deter others from falling into the pit called the Old Capital Inn in Levuka (Ovalau). Having spent numerous vacations throughout the South Pacific and two months traveling in Fiji, I must comment that this is the worst place I have ever encountered. The rooms are lousy and the food is worse. Emosi Yee Show advertises as going to Cagelai daily, which he doesn't. A far better bet is to contact Jan Tuni of Tuni Tours operating out of Rukuruku Resort or at Matt's Corner (the only coffee shop in town) any morning between 9 and 10. She will arrange a boat over to Naigani where there are excellent accommodations and food. The Naigani Resort also provides snorkeling arrangements.


Granada Hills

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