Calls for Divorces Pouring In, Lawyers in Argentina Say

From Reuters

Argentine lawyers said they received a flood of phone calls from people seeking to take advantage of a new law allowing divorce, which went into effect Monday.

"People have been calling all day. Suddenly there's a lot of interest," said lawyer Mario di Vito, adding that he had received 12 phone calls by early afternoon from potential clients seeking a divorce.

Lawyer Haydee Antonini said more than 40 people had called her office in recent days looking for a divorce. She said she charged between $400 and $2,500 to handle a divorce.

Other lawyers said their minimum fee for a divorce case was between $100 and $250.

The law, signed by President Raul Alfonsin two weeks ago over a stiff campaign by the Roman Catholic Church, removes Argentina from a handful of countries with no legal divorce.

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