Costa Mesa : Amphitheater Noise Still Disturbs Judge

There was another courtroom grilling Thursday for the operators of Pacific Amphitheatre by the judge who ordered concert noise toned down but says he has yet to see evidence of compliance.

Superior Court Judge Gary L. Taylor again clashed with Neil Papiano, lawyer for Ned West Inc., which runs the Costa Mesa amphitheater.

Papiano said turning down the volume amounts to "closing down the business."

"Let's be clear now," Taylor said. "I want you to turn the sound down. I do not accept your contention that turning the sound down is tantamount to closing the business."

Thursday's hearing, called to discuss the latest report of noise experts who are monitoring concerts under Taylor's order, ended with no new action.

No further hearings were scheduled before July 30. Taylor ordered the monitoring to continue with the next concert, which will be performed by the Bangles on July 4.

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