First Lady Trusts Reagan, Watches Hearing Off and On

United Press International

Nancy Reagan is watching the Iran- contra scandal hearings only sporadically and is not concerned because she “knows Ronald Reagan is incapable of telling a lie,” her spokeswoman said today.

Elaine Crispen, the First Lady’s press secretary, said Nancy Reagan has watched some of the testimony by Lt. Col. Oliver L. North, the National Security Council aide fired when the scandal broke, but is “not glued to the television set.”

“She watches it if the TV is on,” Crispen said.

But she recalled that Mrs. Reagan has said that “Ronald Reagan is incapable of telling a lie” and “she totally believes in what he said.”


The First Lady would like “to close the entire chapter” but she “is not absorbed, or concerned, or worried” about the on-going investigation of the scandal, Crispen said.