Since mid-June, at least 16 random shooting incidents on local roadways have led to a mood of paranoia that has spread like a rush-hour traffic advisory among the Los Angeles area’s motoring masses. A chronology:

1. June 18: Motorcyclist Alvin Allen, 30, of Valencia was shot at on the Antelope Valley Freeway near San Fernando Road in Newhall. Ramon Santos, 31, of Canyon Country, was charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

2. June 20: Rich Lane Bynum, 24, died after being shot twice in the neck by a motorist on the Santa Ana Freeway near Carmenita Road in Sante Fe Springs. Neither Bynum’s girlfriend, Sandra Leigh Tait, 18, who was driving, nor his 3-year-old child was injured. Tait told police that the gunman fired through the passenger window after flashing his lights when she was slow to leave the fast lane. No arrests.

3. June 21: Giang Nan, 19, a San Gabriel Valley resident, was shot in the arm on the San Bernardino Freeway in Alhambra after a right-of-way dispute with another driver on an on-ramp. No arrests.


4. July 18: Paul Gary Nussbaum, 28, of Rolling Hills Estates, was shot in neck on the Costa Mesa Freeway near the entrance to the Orange County Fairgrounds. Nussbaum remains paralyzed. Albert Carroll Morgan, 32, of Santa Ana, has pleaded not guilty to charges of attempted murder. Police said the shooting occurred during a right-of-way dispute.

5. July 20: Carol Ann Fayne, 45, and her passenger, Mike Smith, 36, were shot at after a tailgating incident on the Hollywood Freeway near its intersection with the Golden State Freeway in Sun Valley. No one was injured. Fayne chased the car for 10 miles, giving police information that led to the arrest of Lewis L. Meeks of Sylmar. Meeks has pleaded not guilty to charges of attempted murder.

6. July 24: Russell Joseph Pirrone, 17, of Pomona was shot to death after he drove his car onto the Corona Expressway from Old Pomona Road in the Phillips Ranch area. Police have arrested five suspects in the shooting, which they say stemmed from an earlier dispute between the victim’s male passenger and a woman suspect.

7. July 25: Scott Willis Collins, 20, of Rancho Cucamonga, reported that his Volkswagen van’s rear window was shattered by shots fired in an apparently unprovoked attack on the Seal Beach Boulevard on-ramp to the San Diego Freeway. Collins and three passengers were uninjured. No arrests.


8. July 26: Daniel Brooks, 27, and driver Brad Heppner, 27, both of Oxnard, were slightly injured when three shots from a sports car driver shattered their window after an altercation on Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monica. Motorcyclist Michael Rushlow, 32, of Santa Monica, was not injured when a stray bullet deflected off his helmet. No arrests.

9. July 26: Manuel Brown Avila, 28, and a bystander, Aquirre Barrera, 36, were shot to death during an argument with another motorist at a stop sign on La Valle Street and San Fernando Road in Sylmar. No arrests.

10. July 26: An unidentified man and his female passenger reportedly were shot at six times on the Long Beach Freeway in Alhambra by the driver of a pickup truck. Their car was hit three times, but no one was injured. No arrests.

11. July 27: Tow truck driver Marty Korse, 26, of Van Nuys, said a pickup truck pulled alongside him on the Golden State Freeway in Sun Valley and its driver fired a shot over the cab. Korse was not hurt. No arrests.


12. July 28: Dan Price, 35, of Chino Hills said he was shot at from a car carrying four men in an accident-related traffic snarl on the Pomona Freeway in Hacienda Heights. Price wasn’t hurt. No arrests.

13. July 28: Phillip Toma, 26, of Palmdale, reported that a driver shot at him on the Antelope Valley Freeway in the Canyon Country area. No arrests.

14. July 29: Tow truck driver Abdul Bolourchin, 49, and a passenger were shot at by men in a white Datsun 280Z shortly after turning from Lankershim Boulevard onto Sherman Way in North Hollywood. The bullet shattered the truck window. No arrests.

15. July 29: James McGraw, 23, was driving on Laurel Canyon Boulevard in North Hollywood when a pickup truck rammed his car three times before pulling along side and firing a shot that lodged in the driver’s door. No arrests.


16. July 30: A shot was fired at Claremont Police Officer Dennis McClain from a passing car as he was writing a traffic ticket on the San Bernardino Freeway near the Indian Hill Boulevard exit. No arrests.