Dodgers Didn't Have to Sign Raines, After All

It is safe to say that events have vindicated the Dodger management in passing on Tim Raines. On the playing field, it is reasonable to assume that the addition of Raines would mean half a dozen more wins, making the Dodgers pennant contenders.

But management was correct in its assumption that it could treat its fans as patsies, that it could raise prices and do nothing to improve the team (at least nothing that would cost money), and still realize attendance at or near three million.

We fans can only blame ourselves for falling for the mystique of "Dodger Blue," and the promotional efforts spearheaded by Vin Scully. I'm not saying that fans should abandon a team that's not winning. It needs our loyalty if it is trying. But it must be a two-way street. When management slaps the fans in the face, and concerns itself solely with the cost of player personnel, it's time for the fans to say enough .

P. T. Barnum lives on in Chavez Ravine.


San Bernardino

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