Funds for Abortions

President Reagan has chosen to sidestep Congress by manufacturing regulations to block family-planning agencies from receiving federal funds (Part I, July 31) if these agencies provide counseling on the option of abortion. This recent action by the President to deny women their constitutional rights may be the saddest we've seen so far. This time the Administration would forbid the free-flow of factual medical information on a woman's full range of reproductive options. Does the Administration seriously mean to suggest that we, as a society, can't handle information? We can't handle the truth?

As with any attempt to deny women legal abortions, there will be real-life victims. Who? Teen-agers, low- and no-income women, always easy targets for abuse and discrimination, are the primary recipients of federally funded planning services. These women and girls will lose needed services, or be forbidden complete, impartial medical counseling.

The Administration's regulations attempt several more end runs at sabotaging women's constitutional rights. Hopefully, as with other attacks on abortion, these measures will fail miserably, proving once again that America will not stand for such blatant disregard for women's lives.


Executive Director

California Abortion Rights Action League

Santa Monica

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