Cisneros Won't Run for Governor, Senator

From Reuters

Mayor Henry G. Cisneros, often touted as one of the Democratic Party's most promising young politicians, Tuesday announced that he will not seek state office in Texas in 1990 because of the precarious health of his newborn son.

Cisneros, 40, did not say whether he planned to run for mayor of San Antonio again.

The popular four-term mayor was a finalist in Democratic presidential nominee Walter F. Mondale's consideration of potential running mates in 1984, a position that was eventually offered to Rep. Geraldine A. Ferraro.

In a statement, Cisneros said he wanted to halt growing speculation that he would pursue the Democratic nomination for Texas governor or U.S. senator in 1990.

He cited the pressures of caring for his ailing infant son, John Paul Anthony Cisneros, who was born two months ago with severe heart defects.

Cisneros, who was first elected mayor of San Antonio in 1981, said also that the completion of several city projects would demand his attention during the 20 months he has remaining in his current term as mayor.

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