Nightmare Returns When Fan Wakes Up

I awoke the other night after the greatest dream. I know it was a dream because it was October and the Dodgers were still playing baseball. But it seemed so real.

Really weird things happen in the dream. Mike Marshall had gone the whole season without missing a game. The Dodgers had committed the least number of errors in the major leagues. Pedro Guerrero had finally learned how to slide into a base without hurting himself. Tommy Lasorda has lost 30 pounds since the All-Star break.

Hard to swallow, right? Get this, the Dodger bullpen had the lowest ERA and the most saves in baseball.

I know, you say it will never happen. Well, just last year I had a dream that Tom Niedenfuer had been traded some place far, far away. That dream came true. Maybe this one will, too.


Palm Desert

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