Who does this Don Waller dude think he is anyway (Record Rack, Aug. 9)?

He's got no right to be puttin' down bands that look as cool as Faster Pussycat and Guns N' Roses. He probably wouldn't know a hammer run if it hit him on his flat-topped head.

I'm sick and tired of these so-called record reviewers giving head-bangers a bad name. Most of the guys in these bands are college graduates that hold down steady jobs on the side. The only reason they play the kind of music they do is because they like it. So what if it's not Mozart, and I'm sure glad it's not Duran Duran. At least these guys aren't wimps!

Maybe your reviewers should be forced to go to a concert before they do an album review. If Don went to a glam or metal show he'd probably come away with an appreciation for these guys and the kickin' music they play.


Guitarist for Gruel Wagon

Huntington Beach

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