I was outraged to read that "Amazing Stories' " "Family Dog" episode was excluded from Emmy consideration ("Emmy Rules Unfair to 'Family Dog'?," by Charles Solomon, Aug. 13).

It's amazing enough that this gem ever got made, but to have it ignored now that it has delivered is galling. Unfortunately, it's not surprising to those of us who work in the animation industry.

I was the art director on an animated feature called "The Brave Little Toaster," which recently premiered at the Animation Celebration here in Los Angeles to a packed house and terrific audience and critical reaction. So what's the problem?

It's been done for a year and as of yet has no release. The reasons distributors have given for passing on it:

It wasn't made by Disney. It's not based on toys. It wasn't made by Spielberg. It's too sophisticated for tiny tots. It's not based on a comic strip. The main characters are appliances (too unusual). Animation doesn't make money. It's difficult to market. Etc., etc., etc.

If the re-release of "Snow White" is any indication, there is a broad market for animation. The truth of the matter is they've been starved and fed garbage for so long that the audience, like many in the industry, has just given up.



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