Angelyne, the healthy bleached blonde non-celeb who has spent years on L.A. billboards promoting herself, gets her break: “Earth Girls Are Easy,” now nearing completion from De Laurentiis Entertainment.

Starring Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis, it’s a musical comedy about three men from a distant planet who come to Earth and land in the Valley.

Director Julien Temple (“Absolute Beginners”) described Angelyne’s role as “what we call a walk-on-part--a lean-in part. She plays a girl--she plays Angelyne, basically--trying to get to an unleaded pump in a gas station, and asks these aliens to pull forward. And they don’t quite understand what she means.”

Why Angelyne? “This is very much a film about L.A., the Valley in particular, as seen from an alien point of view, and I think she is one of the strange marvels of L.A.,” Temple said. “I think she’s kind of like the Patron Saint of a certain side of L.A., and I think she’s the heir--if anyone is--to Jayne Mansfield. I don’t think someone like Angelyne could exist anywhere else than here.”

Outtakes sped over to the Studio City 76 Station location to observe history, but it wasn’t going so well. Angelyne said the intense heat caused her to complain and be “a little bit difficult.”


She explained, “I loathe the heat. I’m a pampered pussycat and I don’t like to be uncomfortable.”

But she did her bit and Temple pronounced it a take.

Meanwhile, she’s co-written a screenplay, “Lee Ann Love,” about a mad scientist living in the Hollywood Hills who invents a serum that turns dumb women into geniuses. She describes it as “a fast-paced ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark'-type sexual comedy.” She’d star.

Angelyne said she’s not actively pitching the project--she’s waiting for producers to come to her.