Bullock's Finds Its Large-Size Clothing Stores Are a Big Hit

Bullock's continues to be bullish on large-size women's apparel.

Buoyed by a successful six-month test run of its Bullock's Woman store in Las Vegas, the Los Angeles department store company last week opened a second location at the Palm Desert Town Center, and will start up a third, at Promenade Mall in Woodland Hills, next Saturday.

"The success in Las Vegas has spurred us to open 10 more stores next year" in addition, said Marc Ware, divisional merchandise manager for special sizes.

Hoping to seize a big share of an $8-billion market for sizes 16 and up, Bullock's intends to open some of the specialty stores outside its existing market area, a rollout that Ware acknowledges will pose a challenge because those stores won't benefit from the strong name association that exists in Southern California. But, he said, "what's more important than the name is the product."

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