GI and His Buddy Lead Police on Merry Chase in Stolen Howitzer

United Press International

An Army private and his buddy stole a tank-like armored vehicle with a seven-foot cannon from Ft. Carson early today and went on a 75-mile joy ride chased by dozens of patrol cars until it broke down near Denver, officials said.

“In 22 years on the force, I’ve never had anything happen like this,” said State Trooper Ray Elder. “Dispatch called me at home and said a tank was coming up the road. I called them back five minutes later and said, ‘A tank?’ ”

Officials said the 27-ton, self-propelled howitzer was stolen from the motor pool by a private stationed at Ft. Carson and a former soldier who carried a medically retired identification card and said he wanted to “go to war.”


Authorities said they did not try to stop the 27-ton, self-propelled howitzer because they did not know if it was armed or the intentions of the men inside.

The two suspects were arrested about 3:30 a.m. and later returned to Ft. Carson, along with the howitzer.

One Denver policeman left a ticket on the tank before it was removed. “He can’t leave this thing parked here,” the officer joked.