Defending 'L.A. Law'

Dear deputy public defenders: Give me a break, give yourselves a break and give the producers and writers of "L.A. Law" a break (Calendar Letters, Nov. 1).

It appears that you feel like your positions as public defenders have been portrayed as being something like incompetent, unfeeling, neglectful, cut-throat swines. So what!

Being public defenders yourselves, your sensitivity on the matter is understood, but misplaced. The writers write for one purpose and one purpose only, their viewers. Whether it holds all truth, half-truth or no truth is not of major concern to viewers when they turn their dial to Channel 4 at 10 on Thursday nights.

After a long day, people want entertainment, not boring facts that might be true but uninteresting. If fact was the issue, one's time might be better spent in a library.

You (public defenders) haven't been degraded, just ignored by the many viewers who tune in to watch their favorite actors and actresses every week.



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