On Market St. Vote

I was pleased to find San Diego's social conscience firmly intact, regarding the Martin Luther King Jr. Way controversy.

People attempted to label Market Street supporters as racists. This simply isn't true; it's a matter of having the proper perspective. Sure, Martin Luther King accomplished a lot, but Market Street has been around for ages, and it's always meant a lot to San Diego citizens.

I can't even begin to count the number of times I've overheard people discussing that very issue, and not just before the election, either. Why, I've heard that topic discussed for years and years. In a global sense, the historical equivalent would be to rename Rome or something.

And furthermore, we're not opposed to honoring Dr. King, but why choose a street that encompasses such a run-down area? That's hardly a suitable area for such a great man. How about a nice, winding, tree-lined street in Rancho Santa Fe? I'm sure Dr. King would have been tickled to have such a stylish tribute, and it's much more dignified.

Once again, I'm proud to be a San Diegan involved in San Diego politics. It's nice to let the country know exactly where our priorities are. I'm sure our stand on this issue will be widely misinterpreted, just as Arizona Gov. Evan Mecham has been misunderstood for his courageous stand. Perhaps if Mr. Mecham is recalled, he could run for office in San Diego.


San Diego

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