Griffin's House Will Provide Jobs for Many

In defense of Merv Griffin (Oct. 25), Merv made his millions in entertainment. The pleasure his programs have given is beyond measure. And now, having worked all these years, using his brains and talent, he's amassed a fortune.

Is he hoarding all this money? No! He's putting it in the pockets of hundreds, starting with employees of banks, realtors, escrow companies, tellers, secretaries, etc., contractors, construction workers, masons, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, painters, gardeners, plus all the manufacturers of his new furnishings, as well as antique dealers, artists--you could go on and on.

After the house is finished, think of the parties! Merv and his guests will spend loads, enriching the lives of countless waiters, cooks, caterers, florists, merchants, etc. The spending won't stop, as the upkeep of the estate will provide permanent jobs for dozens.

All of the above have families and you know where their money goes. They all, including Merv, pay taxes that should be feeding and housing the poor. I don't know what Merv's favorite charity is, but I'm sure he has more than one and that he gives generously. The homeless are the responsibility of all.

Go ahead and enjoy the fruits of your labor, Merv, and thanks for passing your hard-earned money to the rest of us.



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