The Best Things in Life . . .

My arrival at the LAX Bradley International Terminal found me without four quarters to rent a baggage cart, and the signs saying "change" had no one to give change. Now, I can go to any grocery in L.A. and have the use of a cart free if I buy a few dollars worth of groceries, but when I drop a thousand on an air ticket, L.A. cannot afford to loan me a cart.

Think of travelers from other countries unfamiliar with our currency, with the cart locked and no one to give change. If we can't afford to loan carts to international passengers who must wrestle bags by themselves before customs and immigration checks, can't L.A. at least afford change machines? Every mom 'n' pop laundry in L.A. has them. What a poor intro to L.A.


Morro Bay

The city Department of Airports says that the cart machines do need four quarters but that a changer to give four quarters for a dollar bill is right there, and that a currency exchange office is nearby for foreign travelers who may not yet have U.S. currency.

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