Credibility of BH Mayor Questioned

Re: "Beverly Hills Mayor Assails Foe" by John L. Mitchell (Nov. 8).

Before Mayor Stansbury delivered his recent TV tantrum he should have checked the facts.

The so-called "dissidents" the mayor refers to turn out to be the majority of Beverly Hills voters!

In his speech, Stansbury stated "that only 1,200 people voted in the Industrial Area Referendum."

According to the records of the city clerk's office, on March 6, 1979, 6,244 citizens voted on the City Council's decision to change the zoning in the industrial area to permit high-rise condominiums. (1,619 Yes, 4,508 No).

On June 26, 1979, on the question of should the industrial area land exchange between the city and a private developer be rescinded, a total of 3,497 citizens cast votes (2,991 Yes, 504 No).

In view of the official record, one can't help but question the credibility of other portions of Mr. Stansbury's statement.


Beverly Hills

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