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Softer, relationship-oriented films have been dominating the box office this fall, but young male moviegoers can't seem to resist the rough charms of Arnold Schwarzenegger, recently voted the Star of the Year by the National Assn. of Theater Owners. Schwarzenegger's new movie "The Running Man," from producer Keith Barish and Tri-Star, took the top slot over the weekend, beating out Fox's "Less Than Zero," Disney's "Hello Again" and Paramount's smash "Fatal Attraction." Those three suffered slips of 30% or more in their box-office business since the last report, signifying a generally slack business weekend for films.

* Although its run hasn't been spectacular, "The Princess Bride" fantasy-comedy is proving a survivor in the nation's movie houses, mostly because there aren't many family movies out right now. Repeat business reportedly is what's keeping this movie alive.

Weekend Screens/ Weeks Movie gross/ Average in (Studio) Total release (millions) 1. The Running Man $8.1 1,692 1 (Tri-Star) $8.1 $4,787 2. Fatal Attraction $6.3 1,386 9 (Paramount) $94.6 $4,563 3. Hello Again $4.0 1,207 2 (Buena Vista) $11.4 $3,336 4. Baby Boom $2.5 880 6 (United Artists) $16.1 $2,796 5. Suspect $2.0 1,018 2 (Tri-Star) $14.1 $1,964 * The Princess Bride $1.6 732 8 (20th Century Fox) $21.3 $2,238

Figures courtesy of Exhibitor Relations Co.

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