Judge Kennedy's Nomination

Ronald Reagan's term of office will be ending shortly. He has left a legacy however in the form of the philosophical makeup of the judiciary. The President has appointed more than half of the federal judges and is presently attempting to solidify the ideological makeup of the Supreme Court to the right of the political spectrum.

This goal could be accomplished with the confirmation of Anthony Kennedy for the position of an associate justice on the high court. The potential jurist will be inclined to strengthen the prosecution and preserve the inviolability of property at the expense of civil and human rights.

The present choice who is currently being scrutinized in order to determine his capabilities has been labeled a centrist. A ruling of his on courtroom procedures, however, wherein evidence that has been questionably obtained can be regarded as admissable is certainly ominous.

Consequently, it is hoped those seasoned veterans who were previously successful will continue to provide us with a safeguard against the dangers of extremism and punitive measures so that our liberties will emerge unfettered as they persuade their colleagues in a professional manner to reject his nomination.



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