Judge Kennedy's Nomination

Why is it so difficult for people like social psychologist Carol Tavris (Op-Ed Page, Nov. 15) to understand that the citizens of this country have the right, and the privilege, to select the very best from among qualified candidates? Congress members are not punishing Judge Ginsburg; it is not their task to do so. But it is their task to see to it the only the very best candidates will be rewarded with high positions of honor.

Had Congress accepted Ginsburg over Judge Kennedy, I would have considered that an injustice to Judge Kennedy who, by all available evidences, is just as qualified and, by his record, more deserving. The same may be said for (unsuccessful presidential candidates) Gary Hart, Sen. Joseph Biden (D-Del.), et al. Their life style is their choice but, as in all contests, there are others who are better qualified, and more deserving, of the high position they were seeking. As long as we have capable people waiting on the sideline, why should we settle for anything but the very best?


Palos Verdes Peninsula

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