Syntellisys, AT&T;, Irvine Co. Team to Provide ‘Smart’ Office Buildings : SCIENCE/TECHNOLOGY

Compiled by David Olmos, Times Staff Writer

Syntellisys Network claims to have helped put together the “smartest” office buildings in the nation.

The Irvine company has teamed up with American Telephone & Telegraph Co. and the Irvine Co. to wire two office complexes in Irvine and Newport Beach with the latest in high-tech services.

The buildings are called “smart” because they have been wired with various information-age technologies that enable tenants to use various voice, data and imaging services. The offices also have electronically controlled energy conservation, security and fire and life safety systems.

“No other network of office buildings in the nation offer integrated voice, data and image systems and services from a single provider within the project,” said Syntellisys Chairman Darryl Mleynek.


Among the services that office tenants can share are a center for desktop publishing, where they can use personal computers to create newsletters, brochures and other paper documents, and a video conference room.

Offices will be able to hook up to the various services by plugging their telephones or computers into outlets built into the offices.

The Irvine Co.-owned buildings are the Jamboree Center, including two completed 12-story office towers and a 20-story tower under construction in Irvine, and MacArthur Court, which includes two 15-story buildings across from John Wayne Airport.