Names of 5 Crew Members, 32 Passengers in Crash Released

Associated Press

The names of five crew members and 32 of the passengers aboard Pacific Southwest Airlines Flight 1771, which crashed Monday in San Luis Obispo County, killing 43 people, were released by the airline and other sources.

The partial list of those aboard the aircraft included:


--Capt. Gregg N. Lindamood, 43, of Julian, Calif., a 14-year veteran pilot with PSA who had logged 11,000 hours in the air, including 1,500 hours on the BAe-146.


--First Officer James Howard Nunn, 48, of Upland, Calif., who had been flying with PSA since March and had logged 12,000 hours in the air with 300 hours aboard the BAe-146.

--Flight attendant Debbie Nissen Neil, 37, of San Jose, a 17-year PSA employee.

--Flight attendant Debra Watterson Vuylsteke, 32, of Redding, Conn., a 10-year PSA employee.

--Flight attendant trainee Julie Gottesman, 20, of Veradale, Wash., employed since November.



--Shawn Addington, San Francisco Bay Area.

--D. Burke, reportedly a fired USAir employee.

--Jim Carroll, Redwood City, Calif.


--Stephen Cone, San Francisco Bay Area.

--John Conte, San Francisco Bay Area, a PSA customer service agent in San Francisco who was a passenger.

--Anthony Cordova, San Francisco Bay Area.

--Sharon Engstrom, San Francisco Bay Area.


--Karen Fox, hometown unknown.

--Donald Hoag, San Francisco Bay Area.

--Theresa Kekai, Los Angeles area.

--Jocelyn G. Kempe, 56, Ojai, Calif., a senior public affairs representative for Chevron USA Inc.


--Karin Krom, San Francisco Bay Area.

--Kathleen Mika, 25, Arcadia, Calif.

--Owen Murphy, Los Angeles, regional vice president of public affairs for Chevron.

--Wayne Nelson, hometown unknown.


--Cliff Perry, San Francisco Bay Area.

--Kevin Phelen, Los Angeles area.

--Thomas Rabin, New York.

--Curtis Rhee, San Francisco Bay Area.


--John Roseen, Los Angeles area.

--Bill Rosenberg, San Francisco Bay Area.

--B. Saur, West Germany.

--E. Saur, West Germany.


--Camile Scafire, San Francisco Bay Area.

--Kirk Shiba, San Francisco Bay Area.

--Allen F. Swanson, Long Beach, Calif., public affairs manager for Chevron in Southern California.

--James Sylla, 53, Kentfield, Calif., president of Chevron USA.


--Ray Thomson, Tiburon, Calif., USAir station manager at Los Angeles International Airport.

--Earl Webb Jr., Los Angeles area.

--Mary Webb, San Diego.

--Neil Webb, San Diego.


--Leon Winters, San Francisco.

Of the six passengers who remain unidentified, in one case the family has requested that the name not be released.