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What is the point of Calendar's goggle-eyed, name-dropping (ad nauseam) reporting on Hollywood's power brokers ("All About Sue," by Paul Rosenfield, Dec. 6)?

In recent months you've told us about the ladies who wheel and deal in development; the many agents with the most clout; now page after page devoted to Sue Mengers, a woman who handled the biggest names, gave big parties and consorted with management's heaviest hitters and walked away from it all.

What's so extraordinary?

Mengers was a good agent doing a job that any agent worth his keep does in a town created by hype, existing on hype and will surely die on hype. The astonished tone in Rosenfield's piece borders on the sophomoric.

If he'd done his homework and included in his story that Sue Carol (Alan Ladd's wife) was also a powerful agent who, if memory serves, began as a secretary; that she too gave and went to "A" parties; and that Ann Rosenthal of the William Morris Agency was, in her day, not only an agent of renown, but a top-flight show business attorney as well, his story might have had more balance and perspective.

Calendar's ordained function is to obviously let us know what transpires behind the scenes in this hallucinatory playground. But one would hope the stories were not so one-sided.


Santa Monica

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