In reading your recent summary of reviews on the new Barbra Streisand film, "Nuts" (Outtakes, Nov. 29), it became clear to me that most of the negative reviews were not based on her acting, or on the film itself, but on the fact that Streisand is a powerful woman who has control over all aspects of her projects.

Granted, she did have a great deal of control in making "Nuts." She produced it, she starred in it, she wrote the music and she might have even given a suggestion or two about how to direct it.

You can classify that as being "Streisanded" if you please; I'll classify it as another shining example of just how talented the lady is.

If she were a man, she would be called a "genius," but because she is a woman, she is simply labeled "la Streisand." Call her what you will--I, for one, respect the fact that she is willing to expand herself and her talent with every new venture.


Los Angeles

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