Farm Board Rulings

Regarding Harry Bernstein's column "Workers Can't Expect a Fair Shake From the Farm Board" (Business, Dec. 8): Bernstein has apparently forgotten the former Gov. Edmund G. Brown Jr. days when farmers couldn't get a fair ruling from the pro-labor (not to say socialist) ALRB. Looks like what goes around comes around.

Bernstein admits that the United Farm Workers (union) is losing membership and that the union can't win representation elections anymore, if it ever could. He admits that in the "shamefully biased" Brown years, the union won less than half its complaint cases.

There is something wrong when a union, appealing to a board "shamefully biased" in favor of its goals, can still win only a minority of its complaint cases.

Apparently it hasn't occurred to Bernstein that the union is wrong most of the time and that even its own members (and those who are leaving it) are recognizing the fact. Nowhere is it written that labor is always right, even though Bernstein seems to think so.

Cesar Chavez loses because he is wrong. No matter what Harry Bernstein thinks.


Sherman Oaks

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