War Records of Politicians

I wish to add my comments to the article of free-lance writer Joseph Bell (Dec. 6). As a disabled combat veteran of World War II, I'm getting sick and tired of the phony politicians and their war records. The last declared war was World War II. All others were police actions, resolutions and combat decisions made at the top level. Needless to say, we had brave men and women killed or wounded in these side actions but Joseph Bell is correct: In wartime, you're picked and sent, just where, nobody knows until you arrive on station.

Congressman Robert Dornan has jumped on the bandwagon and is using Col. Oliver North for all it's worth. I suppose as time goes on, anyone seeking higher elected office will try to use his and others' military service to further his own ends. But usually they are found out.

I greatly admire and respect Sen. Robert Dole for not playing up his military record in his campaign for the Republican nomination. A lot of veterans I have spoken to say the same thing. I agree with Bell about this war record business.



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