DMV Threat

Having recently purchased a mini-van from an auto broker, it was disappointing to read that these brokers may be put out of business ("Auto Brokers See Threat in DMV Proposal," Nov. 13).

We had made the rounds to dealers--no easy task with two toddlers in tow. Some turned their backs when we straightforwardly told them that we were looking and were not prepared to buy that afternoon. Others lost interest when we said we'd finance through our credit union and told them no, we would not trade in our present car at less than half its market value. It was impossible to compare prices as the haggling would have taken hours at each dealer.

I had picked up a broker's flyer at the credit union; I called and told them which car, which options and colors we wanted. Within a week we were driving our new car home, having paid several thousand less than any dealer had offered.

It seems to me a very convenient, civilized way to make a major purchase. I hope this alternative will continue to be available to consumers.


Garden Grove

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