U.S.-Soviet Nuclear Accord

For the right-wing fringes of this country, this agreement will not benefit their interest in excessive firepower and defense industry profits, but for moderates, liberals and the average person on the street, this treaty will serve as the beginning of a whole new future.

Just think of it. Young people will be less likely to fear the possibility of extinction from the effects of thermonuclear war.

For over 10 years now, the movement to eliminate the nuclear arms race could only hope to freeze the size of the world nuclear arsenals, let alone see significant reductions. To be able to achieve such a goal as deep reductions, it would require approval from conservatives in the Senate, who Reagan clearly represents.

However, there are those in our government who truly believe that nuclear war is inevitable. This type of backward thinking is not only counterproductive, but dangerous to the preservation of human survival. If the President thought for a moment that this INF treaty was not in the best interest of the United States, he would not support it.


The President deserves our total support on this opportunity for global survival. He has mine.


Santa Ana