Chula Vista

A 29-year-old woman whose drunk driving resulted in the death of a pregnant woman in a three-car accident was sentenced Wednesday to four years in prison.

Sandra Toledo Watson of Chula Vista was also fined $5,000 by San Diego Superior Court Judge Wayne Peterson, who denied probation.

The judge allowed Watson to remain free during the Christmas holidays and she is to surrender Jan. 4.

Afterward, Watson collapsed outside the courtroom and had to be helped outside by her husband.


Watson pleaded guilty Sept. 21 to gross vehicular manslaughter in the June 12 death of Carolyn Beck, who was nine months pregnant. The unborn child was also killed.

The accident occurred on Bonita Road in Bonita.

Members from Mothers Against Drunk Driving attended the sentencing along with relatives and friends of the victims. Every seat in the courtroom was taken.

Watson broke down and cried in court when asked if she wanted to speak.


“I have been remorseful to the point that I wanted to take my own life . . . I’m deeply sorry,” she sobbed.

Her attorney, Larry Steorts, said Watson’s blood alcohol level was probably 0.10 at the time of the accident, noting she had an empty stomach at the time, which enhanced the alcohol’s effect.

Peterson could have imposed a 10-year prison term. Watson, who has no prior criminal record, is the mother of a 22-month-old child.