UCLA Basketball Needs More Support From Fans

What’s the problem with UCLA basketball? People such as Mr. Selkirk (Viewpoint, Dec. 19) and others like him! While he states that “Bruin fans certainly don’t expect a national title every year,” he disparages the efforts and abilities of Walt Hazzard who just last year led the Bruins to a top 20 national ranking, the Pac-10 title, and victory in the Pac-10 tournament.

Now, at the start of the new season, there are embarrassingly low turnouts at Pauley Pavilion. Just what do the Bruin fans expect? If the basketball team is to be a perennial contender, it must have strong community support. What are people such as Mr. Selkirk expecting? He seems to be thinking “when we finish in the top 10 for several years in a row, then I’ll start attending games.” It won’t work that way, Mr. Selkirk.

In spite of the obstacles Walt Hazzard has faced (lack of community support as shown by low attendance and lack of enthusiasm), he has done some excellent recruiting, particularly considering the academic standards which must be met by UCLA athletes.

One reason for the small crowds at Pauley is attributable to the season ticket-holders. Over 8,000 season tickets have been sold, but thousands go unused every game. It is not enough to support the team financially. Season ticket-holders must actively support the team by attending the games.


Come on, Bruin fans. It’s time to accept some responsibility for the current situation, and to realize that real community support must precede the establishment of the consistent high quality basketball that you wish to see at UCLA.