Child Authors

I see that Lana Turner’s daughter (Cheryl Crane) is the latest Hollywood child to write a book about her childhood, a vicious habit started by poor Joan Crawford’s adopted daughter (Outtakes, by Pat H. Broeske, Dec. 20).

I have read all those books so far and found them all to be no less than monstrous lies, written in order to make a buck at the expense of a dead parent’s reputation. I have no reason to believe this latest one will be any different in Crane’s claim that Lex Barker, her actor-stepfather, raped her repeatedly from age 10 to 12, and God knows what else she is claiming.

If Allan Carr says Lana Turner “is as close to Hollywood royalty as we’ve ever had,” he is very much mistaken. Lana was a forerunner of the too prevalent bimbos in Hollywood today. If she was part of any “royalty,” it was that of the Mafia.

Carr has made a lot of money, but he is far removed from knowing anything about any kind of royalty, a class that no longer exists in Hollywood.