UPS, Post Office Can't Compare

Re United Postal Service's tent at Anaheim Stadium.

I recently had the occasion to experience up-close "free enterprise" and "bureaucracy." Free enterprise wins by a mile. One day I went to the Post Office with a package to mail. There were about 14 people ahead of me and two postal clerks. It took 29 minutes to complete the transaction.

Rather than face the line and the surliness the next day, I drove 30 miles to use the UPS tent at Anaheim Stadium. Signs indicated where to park, supervisors were there to help. There were shopping carts for your packages. There were in excess of 100 people ahead of me and it took just 12 minutes to complete the transaction. Every person knew his or her job, was very polite and helpful and a smile was readily available.

All we hear from the Post Office is they have a deficit and need another rate increase. Let them sink like any other poorly managed business. Lease or franchise the Postal System to a well managed outfit like UPS. Kudos to UPS.



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