Change of Heart on Development

I read with great interest your article, "Culver City May Lower Density Limits for Commercial Projects" (Dec. 20). If the local issues were not so serious and tragic, it would be a barrel of laughs.

The City Council majority has consistently voted for run-amok development, with the possible exception of Council Member Paul Jacobs (although his record is not spotless). This little town has been seething for well over a year. The council thumbed its collective nose at the electorate on at least five major issues.

In recent weeks, their rhetoric has undergone a remarkable change. They are now saying that, environmentally, this city has fared poorly. Certainly this is true, but they have continued to consistently vote for rampant development.

If they are changing their tune and their spots, can they be believed? Most Culverites say "No."

The hot breath of the people is being felt by the incumbents. Hundreds of Culverites, and, in one case, well over 1,000 have expressed their indignation to an insensitive, development-oriented City Council.

And now people are circling their wagons for protection. The Culver City Homeowners Assn., long dormant, is being reconstituted, and an initiative petition will soon be circulated to cut the height limits of new buildings from 167 feet to 56 feet. And I am betting it will pass by over 75%.


Culver City

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