Local News in Brief : Santa Ana : City Moves to Control New Recycling Centers

A recently enacted state law requires cities and counties to permit the establishment of recycling centers on commercial and industrial zoned property. But the City Council, fearing that such collection centers may proliferate and become eyesores, moved Monday to exert additional control.

The council adopted an ordinance giving the city some measure of authority over the "reverse vending-machines," which take cans and give money, as well as mobile recycling trailers.

Under the ordinance, recycling companies must obtain a land use certificate from the city Planning Department before setting up a collection center or machine. They also must comply with a long list of city standards regulating such things as hours of operations, required parking, signs and proximity to residences.

Stephen P. Almieri, area marketing representative for Cucamonga-based Reynolds Aluminum Recycling Co., said the ordinance would result in higher costs to the company, but was an improvement over the city's initial, tough stance against recycling centers and trailers.

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