Southern Methodist University trustees have given more...

Southern Methodist University trustees have given more than $1.8 million, an average of almost $41,000 each, to pay expenses stemming from the school's football pay-for-play scandal.

The 40-member board and four ex-officio members gave $1,803,054 as part of a fund-raising effort announced Dec. 18 to reimburse SMU for costs associated with last year's at the Dallas school.

The largest segment, more than $800,000, is earmarked to pay off the contracts of former athletic director Bob Hitch, former football coach Bobby Collins and former athletic department aide Henry Lee Parker, all of whom resigned in December of 1986, after the scandal broke.

School officials had set the fund-raising goal at $1.7 million and said the $103,054 raised in excess of that sum will be used for academic programs.

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