I'm writing in response to the article about the backlash against the homeless in our city (Metro, Dec. 22).

As a new homeowner, I feel qualified to comment on the complete lack of compassion that local businesses and neighborhoods are showing. This is a sad commentary of our society today.

I have an empty lot across the street from my home, and if someone decides to build a shelter there, I would wholeheartedly approve and participate.

I believe most of the homeless are just like us but have been dealt a cut of bad luck. This could happen to anybody in today's unstable economy and poor job market. It is an elitist attitude, at best, and selfish and hardhearted, for certain. I pray to God those people who shout, "Not in my backyard!" will never have to face these kind of hard times, because it will be their friends and neighbors who will turn their backs first .

Imagine if the innkeeper in Bethlehem had turned his back on Mary and Joseph. Would we still know Christmas the same way?

If everyone would take up the responsibility of these poor families, there would be no property devaluation, and no need for theft or violence.

My prayer for the new year is that we put ourselves in the shoes of the homeless and soften our hard hearts.

Would these people have turned away a pregnant woman and her young husband on a winter night? I imagine so.



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